Investing and education, China and Us


The President gave a speech last night that was, I’m sure, interesting.  I, however, was at a packed investment meeting discussing the projections for 2011.  The advisor giving the presentation was informative, decisive, and entertaining.  You would expect that from a person who is interviewed by the media on a regular basis, who must be able to communicate to a broad audience (say 30-85), maintain their attention and be understandable.  He met all of these criteria very well. He even brought his last year’s predictions along to show where he was incorrect.  Gutsy, but at least “transparent” and he admitted to being human.  Wow.  Very refreshing!  Perhaps he should run/ be in politics?  He has a firm grasp on reality and the economy, which I find sadly lacking in about 95% of elected individuals, from my perspective.  But, why would he want the headache? In the unlikely event he actually got elected, being factual and such, it would probably be a onetime shot.  Not to mention his wife said he would be a solo act if he ever did enter that arena.  Smart woman.  Smart man.

My point being, this gentleman has a far better grasp on what is economically happening in this country than “the other guy” speaking last night.   The one who should be decisive, informative, understandable, etc, etc.  The following article FACT CHECK: Obama and his imbalanced ledger – Yahoo! News. shows disparity of fact and memory.  You would think, since you are in the position where everything you say is recorded, endlessly, somewhere, perhaps you could keep the story between the lines or at least on the same road going in the same direction.  Just a thought—.

Back to my investment guy, one of his most “can’t impress upon you enough” points was the educational situation (or lack thereof) in the US.  This was a topic in the other speech.  My guy’s comparison was China.  They make education a top priority and a driving force in their young people’s lives.  It may not be fun (see Amy Chua – Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother) however, a couple of generations ago, I doubt if growing up a dirt poor farmer with eight siblings was a bowl of jell-o either.  You had to work and work hard just to get an education.  You did this because you knew it was the way to have a better life, and that’s what millions of Chinese want for themselves and their children.  Because they know what it’s like to be dirt poor right now.

My investment guy worries about how education is viewed so differently between the two countries.   In other words, he is worried about our FUTURE, and the future of our children.  He worries about where water is going to come from too.  The National Debt was also on his list, since China owns most of it, looks like they are educating their way out of having to own it.  Wonder what we’re doing?

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