Antioxidants and Government spending


Think the government works for you?  They should be with these kind of salaries.  Check this graph out and see how much you are paying them, up 50% with the current administration.  Excuse me, haven’t we been in a recession?  Main street has, apparently it hasn’t reached the Beltway.  Remember, it is you, the taxpayer, from whom these paychecks come from.  Unchecked, un-voted for, just like the raises Congress so easily votes to give themselves.  I don’t remember ever getting to give myself a raise, much less without a consult with my employer.  Talk about easy street!  By the way, I know some government workers who work their fannys off, who were not part of this little increase, so where did/does it go?

Antioxidants not good?  According to a Newsweek article, you would think so, but when you delve into it the studies are not what they seem.  Once again, by omission or bad choices of “experts”, mainstream media proves they don’t do their homework thus giving out questionable information that you expect to be accurate.  Read the label, or in this case question the ingredients and who served them up.

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  1. Jonathan says:

    When I retired from the Navy with almost 21 years I made the choice to enter the privet sector rather than going back into the public sector so that I could have the opportunity to make better money then I did working for the government…. Looks like I didn’t choose wisely!

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