Cancer and What Cure?


I have just recently been touched by this dreaded disease in a very personal way.  My best friend of over 30 years and younger than I am, will soon succumb to it.   This vibrant wonderful woman is now unable to do much other than breath as her body is ravaged.  I have clients and relatives, who in the last year or so, have also had someone close to them feel the desperate denial, what ifs’, how could this happen and complete misery of the diagnosis.  Modern medicine seems to have no answers for us, no way to treat other than a standard, decades old chemo/radiation combo that destroys all the cells, with no real hope for what seems to have become an epidemic of sorts.

I read an article from the Alliance for Natural Health by Deborah A. Ray that pretty much sums up the whole cancer dilemma.  IT IS A MUST READ, in my opinion for anyone and everyone who has, knows, could, would, should have anything to do with cancer.  She took the journey no one wants when her late husband, Dr. Donald Carrow, was diagnosed with lymphoma. Both, with the status of medical professionals, were not spared from the disease.  For Deborah, it may have provided some comfort that others might learn from their journey, a small consolation for the loss of her husband. 

There are many fine physicians who have not followed the normal, conventional dogma put out there for treatments of many diseases.  You have to search for them because as in Dr. Carrow’s case, they do not play by the standard rules of medical engagement. Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez has done some amazing work in researching the work of alternative practitioner Dr. William Donald Kelley who developed a nutritional/enzyme cancer treatment part of which can be seen here (it’s long) and here (a video).   He also researched material by Dr. John Beard who 100 years ago first suggested an anti-cancer effect for pancreatic enzymes.  For even more alternative information, look here, for names like Dr. Max Gearson and Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski.  These are people you and, I would hazard to guess, most Doctors today do not know much about.  And then there is the infamous Rife Machine by Royal Rife.  There are probably others, perhaps hundreds, of individuals who may or may not have come upon a “cure”.  Are any of these viable, actionable treatments?  Maybe.  Quacks, charlatans, scoundrels, you ask, just trying to cheat desperate people out of money? Perhaps, I am sure there are plenty of those out there.  What I am equally sure about is that most of the current drug companies could be included in that lot charging $300 for a single anti nausea pill to combat what the chemo treatment does to you.  

In the video about Dr. Kelly one of his survivors stated that Dr. Kelly, when giving him the treatment, told him that “this is up to you, you have to do this for yourself” and “to expect a doctor to make you better, to let someone else take charge of your life with surgery, injections”, etc. was not what Kelly advised (see at about 8:30 into the video).   He talks about many other aspects, food, environmental toxins, water quality and the list goes on.  We have so much exposure to so many things our predecessors didn’t.  Genetically modified seed and food, antibiotics fed to our meat sources, chemicals put in our water.  Sigh.

I am firmly convinced that what you put in your mouth is what will make or break your health long term and maybe short term.  You are in complete control of that.  Our bodies were made to process foods a certain way, too much of anything throwing it out of balance.  Pesticide residue unable to be processed.  We have been told how bad cholesterol is for us.  Really—-.  You might want to do some serious research on that because your brain and nervous system need it to function.  For more information on that look here.  Actually, you might want to look at what has been pushed at you by various entities on most health and food issues, bet you get a rude shock.  It will take time, trust me, and quite frankly, your life and the quality thereof, might depend on it.  Think I’m being dramatic?  Life and death, it doesn’t get any more dramatic than that.

 The last few weeks have had a surreal quality about them, like being in another time zone or dimension with cancer as the main act.  There have been lots of  “what ifs?”. It has been, if not life changing, certainly priority adjusting.  I am more passionate about health than ever.  I still love chocolate cake.  I just plan on loving it a lot less.

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