Quick Hits on Retirement, Silver and Stuff


Looks like there is some new “news” afloat about that grand destination called retirement that may not be that grand after all, depending on your perspective.  Who wants to be a veg?

Next we have silver going WAAAAAYYYY up.  For those of you who watch that, watch this from another one of “the Favs”, Jim Rogers.  Silver has gone up $9.00 per ounce in a month from $36 to today’s $45 and some change.  Talk about change, wow!  The dollar has gone the other way.

Other stuff on the radar;

  • Fats aren’t what’s making you fat it’s the KIND of fat, see here
  • The Fed, at it again, this time by shorting itself, how low can you go–I’m afraid we are going to find out–
  • Farmers have to sue Monsanto to keep Monsanto from suing them  for patent infringement when Monsanto’s seeds contaminate the farmers crops, EXCUSE ME??!?  The guy minding his own business is the one at fault??
  • On the intelligent side, towns in Maine have got it right passing an ordinance that allows them local control of their food sources sans state and federal control.  About time.
  • Spring should be here soon, I hope.  Plant a garden this year, now would be good, because food is not getting any cheaper for a while and at least you will know where your food came from and what’s in it!

Some of the above articles may seem “heavy” if you are not particularly in to finance, but pay attention to what is going on.  As the dollar goes down, it buys less, you pay more, inflation has stopped creeping up, it is now jogging at a pretty good pace.

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