Freedom and the Fourth of July


American flags
Creative Commons License photo credit: Loren Sztajer

“… conceived in Liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal…”

Abraham Lincoln left a few folks out of that line, unless you assume that he was using the term “men” in the generic sense, meaning all humankind. But his sentiments were right on. Freedom isn’t free. It’s bought with blood, sweat and tears. Our country was born because of the efforts of men and women who were willing to give up everything in the pursuit of freedom. They laid it out right from the start: “Our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.”

On this Fourth of July, take a few minutes away from the potato salad and the burgers. Put down the horseshoes or the softball bat. Tear your eyes away from the fireworks. Salute that grand old flag and make a vow to re-dedicate yourself to the ideals of hard work, honesty, compassion and sacrifice that have given us, despite all its problems, the best country in the world.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!


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  1. Jan Steinman

    “Abraham Lincoln left a few folks out of that line…”

    Yea, he didn’t say a thing about corporations! The nerve!

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