Overboard Organizing, perhaps–.


I am a little tardy in getting the July header up, probably because July is just one BUSY month.  There is the 4th, the (finally) great weather, fairs, lessons, vacation, relatives, harvesting and processing various fruits, etc. etc. etc. And just as probably, being one of those gung ho kinda folks, I tend to overbook just a little, all the time, in all directions, hence right to the wire results.  I would have to schedule boredom.  However  I am working on reducing/resolving that tendency.  It is on one of my “things to do” list, which, I seemed to have misplaced because I have more than one, somewhere.  In my attempt to be organized I am also gung ho, having multiple lists, all going at the same time, also in several directions, topped off with the “event” calendar which is the attempt to get everyone’s happenings in one place and color coded if possible.   Fortunately, these lists are all in one notebook, which when misplaced causes major havoc with my life.  Anybody happened to have seen such an animal at your house lying around?  Anybody else out there relate?  Anyone feel like comparing stress/frustration levels?   Is anybody else out there???  There are days I wonder if I am alone in my dreams of an organized, inventoried (oh yes, an inventory), put-my-hands-on-it right now existence. What an idyllic place to be (dreamy sigh).  Then I talk to other women, of all ages, and I relax a little in the knowledge that I am not alone. They too have trouble finding things (keys, phone, lists, coupons, pick something that was in my hands 10 seconds ago) and juggling schedules.  In looking for my headset this morning, I “found” it in an unusual place, put away where it was supposed to be!  Someday I might actually live in that organized space, it can happen (well, maybe), I’ll just have to work more at listing less, being satisfied with the items that do get crossed off, perhaps lower the expectations a little and remember to be grateful for the very full life I have.  Better put that on the list!

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    Glad you like the blog! We are always happy to have feedback, thanks so much!

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