The Man Kitchen


We have gone on several trips this year that have been refreshing.  One, because it was much cooler than our area and two, because we had not been to these places ever or for a very long time.   The one spot was the ocean, the other, northern California Mountains with some friends that had a couple of cabins.  Not really “cabins” but more like little houses with floors that you could roll marbles down in several different directions depending on where you started.  Older appliances, running water, bathrooms and all the necessities me and mine required to be comfortable, plus some.  However the really cool thing, other than the scenery, was THE MAN KITCHEN.

The Man Kitchen was in the perfect spot, OUTSIDE—!  Cooking, cleaning, making a mess, experimental cooking gone bad, it was all good.  No muss, no fuss, and if there was a mess, some smoke involved,  big fizz, pressure washing was an option.  My favorite part of it though, was the outside washing the dishes part, why hadn’t I thought of it?  Probably for the same reason I didn’t think of duct tape, but that’s for another time.  Big tub, splash of soap, large scrub brush, maybe a cloth, dish rack, spray (with the hose) rinse, dump it all out on the patio when finished and TAH DAH!, air drying.  Economical, easy, no worries about spilling, just what every guy can handle and then some.

Being into less is more, especially cleaning, I have implemented this particular aspect of “roughing it” into a particular area of my life.  I preserve food.  It’s amazing how many different ways there are to do this, most involving considerable quantities of materials that are large and ungainly for most kitchen sinks/areas.  What a perfect solution!  Do the cleaning outside; I shoulda had a V-8!  Those large canning vessels along with the various and sundry miscellaneous tools, pots, pans, dehydrator trays, nicely gummed up with dried whatever?  Let ‘em soak!   For days if necessary or just for lack of wanting to deal with them (I would never–).  Now, they are not in your way, at least not in the kitchen, underfoot, staring at you, willing you to deal with them, as you try to ignore them for more pressing matters, say dinner or heaven forbid, some repose.

This has been a revelation, not that it takes much and has taken some of the cleaning it “right now” pressure off me.  I like my counter space to actually exist.  I must also give credit where it is due, to the indomitable male aspect of outdoor-ness or whatever you want to call it.  Rack it up to what works for you, The MAN KITCHEN dishwasher works for me!



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