Entitlement Mentality on the Taxpayer Dime



I read several  financial blogs every day, the following being my favorite (http://www.grandich.com/page/2/ ), first because I am fascinated by financial goings on at this point in my life and I think/agree with most of the content presented there as concise, no BS, fact- of-the-matter-like-it-or-not reality based information.  Not to mention he doesn’t charge for or try to sell you anything.  Works for me.

I found the following Judge Judy clip there, think what you do of her.  You need to watch this, the whole thing, about 7 minutes of your time.  It is, I hope, for most people one of those OMG, how-can you-not-get-it situations.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

After that exchange you have to wonder, WHAT WAS THAT???  Not a bird or a plane, but entitlement mentality at its finest.  Because he is HIM, that’s why he should get to spend that money, taxpayer money, any way he wants.  He has difficulty following the conversation, much less the concept.  It confuses him, a twenty-one-year-old, three year college student, confused by basic economic concepts, much less the fact that he is basically stealing.  He just doesn’t get it. He exists, he is, and he deserves— someone else’s money. That would be anyone who pays taxes.  It’s kind of like how The Fed is giving out money to Europe.

Check the figures in the clip, it’s dumbfounding.  He gets his education paid for, monthly support for rent ($5244.00 if on an annual basis) and apparently a free ride from a female to boot.  He even has the audacity to dis her after she’s supported him in some manner.  But hey, he deserves to use her, he’s HIM.   She’s just another part of the problem I shall save for the next semi-rant.

I have occasionally caught the Judge Judy show. I understand they put people up there for ratings, etc. however, I don’t recall ever seeing her quite that annoyed, disgusted and almost flustered.  She should send a copy of the tape to Congress.  I was unhappy that he got off scott free, but the female in question didn’t get it either.  You have to pay your bills to get compensation back from the deadbeat, your name is on the contract, of course they are coming after you.

But wait.   Look at the examples being set by our Congressmen/Government/pick an agency.  They don’t pony up.  They expect us to though, so they can spend it, at their discretion, without a vote.  However we are expected to make cuts, live within our means, tough it out, struggle to find jobs.  Wow.  Rules for us, different rules for them.  How are you supposed to figure out that out, especially if you are a HIM?

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