Free to Tweet (speak) or not?



I would like everyone to take a few minutes and contemplate what Congress is hashing about now.  There are two bills out there that will change the Internet and the exchange of information as we have it.  Seems that those who already control so much of media want more, if not all.  Raise your hand Disney (ABC), Time Warner, Viacom (Paramount), News Corporation (Fox), CBS, and NBC.  Six corporations that control virtually everything you get “programmed” into.  So today there are LOTS of people and companies protesting this by shutting down.  As a business, if you shut down, you lose revenue so you better have a pretty good reason for doing it.  If Google, Wikipedia, Mozilla, Wired Magazine, and on and on is willing to cease operations, what does that say about these nifty, more regulation because you-poor-people-don’t-understand are too stupid to know-what’s good-for-you- so-we (the ones who spend your tax dollars, social security, etc with complete and unaccountable abandon) will-take-care-of-you.  Please, don’t.  You have “taken care” of so much of my life I can hardly understand it any more.  I am not saying I am any more fond of Google, but at least when they smell a rat that wants ALL the cheese, they are willing to do something.

SOPA and PIPA as they are called are the lovely houses sheltering this charade of protection.  Here a smattering of sites that are up in arms about this, as they, and all of us, should be.  You can use your voice from a number of these.

Things like this blog could be shut down for, well, who knows?  Would just depend on that vague, undefined language that the legal structure loves.  The more vague the bigger the potential net/hole you can fall into, what a great strategy. 

Tell that very small group, and the money behind them, that we are, fine thanks, and to  please see if they could agree to disagree on something that didn’t cost us another trillion or two.  You would think at 535 to over 3 million, we could get the message across.

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  1. Jan Steinman

    Of course, you realize that by posting those links, you increase the risk that you will be shut down, should these laws pass!

    I shut down the dozen or so websites I host today in solidarity.

    It looks like the Senate and House are reconsidering. But we can’t get complacent: greed never rests.

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