Freedom to Choose “News”


I read A LOT.  Probably too much at the computer since my opinion of the main “news” sources doesn’t rank very high.  It would be helpful if I took copious notes so I could find the info again, but we can all dream.  Places like Zero Hedge on the on the other hand stand out.  Some of the financial guys I follow read that every day, along with tons of other sites that I would like to read/understand but I glaze over, not to mention, I’d be at the computer all day.  Granted the Web is as full of highly opinionated/edited information that passes as news as anywhere else, so you have to be selective and do some checking.  But that’s another reason to love the Web.  You get to choose the information and check it as you want, not have some make-up caked talking head reading a highly editorialized piece to present whichever side of the story the money wants.  Yes, that happens on the Web too, but at least I get to choose the make-up package and make sense of it from there.

Be that as it may, today I ran across some information I think is valuable and viable in regard to our current and future dealings with money/government/life.  This first one is worth your 10 minutes of time (if you think it is not your cup of tea, watch the last three minutes if nothing else) and the rest some I think should be given at least a glance.

I am putting the last sentence up in case you don’t read to the end (bolding mine):       “Just like the highly publicized war on drugs that the US government has been waging – and losing – for decades, it is doomed to lose its surreptitious war on cash, because the free market can and will respond to the demand of ordinary citizens for a reliable and convenient money.”

I know I will read/see much more that will inspire and depress me, possibly at the same time.  However, I will read with the freedom that I have the ability to think and evaluate, for myself  what is being presented and to question it.  With the knowledge that I can think for myself and not have to depend on anyone else to fill my brain with what someone wants me to think/believe/feel, I will continue to read, to learn, to grow.  Because, after all, it’s a once in a lifetime journey I don’t want to waste.

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