Pigs, Michigan and the money


We are told/taught that biodiversity is good, except of course when it is bad for a certain sector, say the Michigan Pork Producers Association.  We are told on one hand we need to keep those Heritage breeds/seeds/etc. alive to make sure the genetic pool stays varied, except if your buddy who gives you money needs a favor, nudge, wink.  Support the small farmer and buy local is the recent hue and cry, be sustainable, unless it becomes inconvenient for some big player.  X amount of species go extinct every year and we bemoan the loss.  We protect the spotted owl, a newt, a this, a that, all at huge taxpayer expense, be it through studies or through inability to use the area of the endangered.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not for extinction.  But let’s face it, human traits haven’t changed much in the last thousand years or so, and I am not holding my breath for a big turnaround at this juncture in time.  If the specie gets in the way of the money……

Now, also at taxpayer expense, why are we allowing unelected, on our dime “enforcers” to endanger; US??!?  Where does it stop?  When they come for what next?  A Veteran makes a choice to raise a pig, which has hair, which people like to eat.  He keeps them contained, but thanks to our unelected caretakers, in high places and competition, he is now a felon.  After years of raising the same pigs, now he is breaking the “law”?  But whose law?  Did anyone vote on this?  Was it put out to the public at large?  You would think that there were mad pigs racing through Detroit, threatening human life and limb.  Seriously, armed DNR personnel?  They aren’t even associated with agriculture.  And check this out, in trying to save some money, reduce some carbon footprint, be healthier (like we are told to do all the time) help out the earth a little? Michigan doesn’t even want you growing your own food, waaaaay to unsightly.   But when you have such helpful neighbors, the ones that complain and turn you in, what’s a girl to do? 

Where is the imminent threat that requires someone with a gun to show up?  Where are all the animal loving stars, beating their chests at the atrocities toward animals?  Oh, I forgot, these aren’t cute, cuddly and will end up as food.  Someone might get their hands dirty.  Where is the major media, why aren’t they in some uproar? Oh,duh-!  Kim Kardashian or Lindsay Lohan isn’t mentioned, silly me.

It’s just people’s livelihood, their income, their way of life.  But small farmers don’t wear cut to your navel dresses, might have muddy shoes and might be serving up what you need to survive.  They don’t have major connections to political clout; make major contributions that need paybacks and favors somewhere down the line.  No, they just serve their country so after they survive the conflict they had no making of, settle down, to have a life in the country they were willing to give their life for, they can have it ripped away and discarded by the very people they protected. Wow, sign me up for that deal.  Who is there to protect them from the unmitigated arrogance of “position”?   If you heard about this occurring anywhere else in the world, you would assume it was some backward, dismal place and wouldn’t you be appalled?  Wouldn’t you think the government was totalitarian, a dictatorship or just plain stupid?

The video from Bakers Green Acres is concise, to the point and well worth the watch.  If this is allowed to continue, your food source and choice is under attack, be it a veggie or chicken.  If it isn’t the “right” kind, according to “the law” (i.e. whichever way the money influence is blowing at the time) it can be taken away.  Seems reminiscent of when certain people were not the right kind, eh?


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