Contrail, schmontrail—What is that stuff?


It’s has been a warm/hot summer, nary a cloud in the skies for months.  Bright blue with lots of sunshine.   However, it is finally cooling off, to a mere mid 80 type temperature, but still cooler with a few clouds.  And , all of a sudden, contrails.  Not the fast disappearing ones that evaporate soon behind the plane, but long massive things that take what seems like forever to dissipate.  This morning alone there were between 11 and 15 in the span of perhaps three hours.  Humm.  What’s with that.  Virtually none all summer, but with cooler temps and a few wisps, bingo, they appear, mile upon mile of them.  I had taken note last year that at certain times of the morning, there would be 10-20 of these things, all at the same time or within 30 minutes.  I can understand air traffic, but this was not what my area would merit.

With that said, here is a film I would recommend everyone take the hour and 37 minutes and watch.  Multiple scientists, USDA people, etc. all with unexplained questions on crop failure, soil changes, toxic metal levels and more.  All surrounding the usual suspects, Monsanto in the lead.  Send it to everyone and tell them to watch.  This isn’t about some weird theory any more.  This is about a much larger and dangerous problem that needs more awareness.

While you are at it, for a short time more, Jeffery Smiths “Genetic Roulette” will be available to view for free.  Excellent info on GMO’s and what they truly are doing to the test animals, (that would include us BTW), our food, our animals, our existence.   Do yourself and your future a favor take the time to watch these, plunk down and be prepared to become conscious and aware.

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