Ta-Da! The Book is Now Available

This is the front cover picture.

This is the front cover picture.

OK, jumping in off the deep end, here.
I just clicked “save and publish” on Amazon to put You Might be a Ranch Wife out into the world. Here’s the link:


I discovered (after many hours of frustration and angst) that trying to put pictures in a Kindle book is the sort of thing that will drive you right around the bend. So, I’m sorry, but no pictures.

I hope you enjoy my baby. Now I’ll get back to work on the sequel!

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2 Responses to Ta-Da! The Book is Now Available

  1. Shirley says:

    Where is the link to your new book?

    • Bee says:

      Shirley, thank you for reminding me! Amazon made me wait overnight before there was an active link, and I forgot to come back and add it to the post. I will do that right now.

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