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Grapes, anyone?

I am drowning in work right now, a combination of a four-day-a-week bricks and mortar job to help out a local clinic, plus my usual writing and ranch chores (not to mention the biggest Concord grape harvest we’ve ever had!). So just a quick post:
Nita Wilton is back on the farm, although still at level 2 evacuation status, which means be ready to go at a moment’s notice. At least this will allow her to continue harvesting and processing her food for the winter. The are has been blessed with cooler temperatures and rain is expected next week.
We have literally dozens of small fires around us from a series of lighting storms last week, but most were caught early and small. Nothing is very close.
This made me tear up – here is what it means to be a farmer: http://www.omaha.com/living/year-old-grandpa-still-works-on-the-family-farm-providing/article_b3b4882d-1621-5ff5-b8b3-e61a525fe3e5.html
I’ll post more as soon as I can…

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