New Chicken Coop


We have a new chicken coop – actually, two. This project has been a while in the making. After three back surgeries, hubby is a bit limited as to what he can do at one stretch. So projects like new chicken coops get sandwiched in between other things like irrigating, feeding, road repair, mechanicing and the really important stuff like getting ready for hunting season. In my quest to raise my own chickens through clan mating, I needed a total of three coops. They had to be sited in places that were relatively level but with a slight slope away from the coop, so rain wouldn’t puddle up in front of the door and make a sloppy mess or run inside. Afternoon shade is also necessary in our hot summer climate. Finally, they had to be bear-proof, to prevent total destruction of coop and chickens. If I seem to focus on bears, it’s because they have the necessary strength to tear things up; foxes, skunks and coyotes are easy to deal with.
So here we are – two new coops to augment the old one. The chickens have been banded in three different colors, with the setting hens also wearing an additional red band. Can’t raise your own without some hens that will set, although I also have the incubator for backup. Eventually, I want another pair of coops and pens just like these so all the chickens are in the same spot. But right now it’s hunting season, so that project will have to wait a bit…

A little backhoe work to make things level; pavers to keep the wood out of the wet.

Making sure things are straight and level.

The basic framework; making one long coop with two doors and openings saves material, time and labor.

Starting to take shape.

Interior view before the wall goes up.

Notice how the door is flat with the wall; keeps a bear from getting its claws in and ripping the door off.

Bear-proof latches at top and bottom of each door.

Countersunk screws; heavy duty for a nice, tight, bear-proof coop.

Home-made horseshoe hinges – it’s nice to have a handy hubby.

Heavy duty corners to foil bears and add support.

Small wire around the bottom helps keep chicks in.

Hardware cloth under the eaves supplies ventilation but keeps out predators.

Next boxes with a hinged lid for easy access and cleaning.

Nice clean eggs and plenty of room.

The finished product in classic barn red.

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  1. Denny says:

    The hens should love those coops!

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