The Ranch Wife’s Wardrobe – Jeans


Jeans through the years.

Back when I was young, jeans (although more commonly known as Levis) were considered the sort of thing one wore for gardening or horseback riding. They didn’t come with sequins or embroidery. They weren’t pink or emerald or bright yellow. They weren’t skin-tight, because you needed to be able to move. They sat at your waist, not half-way down your hips. Now that fashions have changed, it’s not easy to find jeans that still meet those requirements and don’t cost an arm and leg. Hubby prefers Carharts for work pants, but they are too stiff and heavy for me. By the time I get them broken in, I have road rash from the material.
I wear jeans Every.Single.Day. I need them to stand up to irrigating, gardening, enthusiastic puppies who haven’t learned not to jump on me or cats who think my leg is a climbing or scratching post. They have to take mud, oil, grease, blood, manure, compost, pig slop and food spills in stride. If I climb through a barbed wire fence, I don’t want my jeans to snag and rip halfway down my leg because the material is too flimsy. Not to mention that those jeans tend to allow my tender flesh to rip as well. If a rattlesnake strikes at me when I walk through some high grass, I want pants that offer a bit of protection.

Worn white at the stress points and abraded from day-to-day activities.

Definitely past the point of a little wear.

Still hanging in there but not for long.

So herewith a shameless plug for LL Bean. Their old-fashioned Double L jeans meet all my requirements and wear like iron. Take a look at the jeans in the top picture above. The first pair are between one and two years old. While they’re started to fade a bit and have a few stains, they’re obviously still in great shape. The second pair is about four years old. The stress points are white, the cuffs are beginning to fray here and there, but they are still very serviceable. The last pair has about reached its useful life span at five years of age, although they would be a good choice for something like a messy paint job.
Let’s hear it for jeans that help a ranch wife do the job.

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