Rainy Day


The weather wishers said today would be a rainy day. Based on what’s been happening since I got up around 4:30, I think they may have underestimated just a bit. The clouds are so low and heavy that it looks like the middle of the night when you look out the window, even though the sun rose – somewhere up there – several hours ago. We’ve had thunder and lightning strikes within a mile or less and rain varying from a few pitter-patters to stand-under-the-shower-full-blast downpours. Not to mention hail. At the moment it’s the latter. So once the basic outside chores are done, I’m focused on inside work for the duration of this rainy day. The whole next week is expected to be sunny and mild. I can guarantee I’m not going to be inside unless it’s too dark to see…
Dishes – the youngest granddaughters are here for the day, so lots more dishes than I usually have. This is vintage Nortake china, 12 place settings, that I got off Craigslist for 95 bucks. A full set is worth between $500 and $900. Even though I had to pay an additional $150 for the completer dishes from Replacements.com, I’m way ahead on the deal. My other set of china was at least 50 years old and I have never been able to find replacement pieces. I was down to four place settings that weren’t chipped (as in major chunks, not little slivers) or so badly stained the white was beige and brown.

Having 12 place settings gives me more leeway in the dishes department on the crazy-busy days.

I like this pattern; subtle but decorative.

Cookies – our microwave died a few weeks back. Well, more accurately, it tried to catch itself on fire. A neighbor gave us a smaller one he’d only used a few times. I could do just fine without a microwave, but hubby gets crotchety when he has to reheat food the old-fashioned way. So I was thrilled not to have to spend money on something I didn’t want in the first place. The chocolate chip cookies are for a thank-you (plus a few for hubby and the kids– otherwise I’ll never get out the door with the others).

Have to have lots of nuts. Hubby will eat cookies (and cake) without nuts, but he bitches, gripes and grumbles the whole time.

This is the third batch. Hubby and the kids made short work of the first two.

Paperwork – filing, tax preparation, updating the ranch journal.
Laundry – as I’ve mentioned before, if there’s a never-ending story around here, it’s about the laundry. And when you’ve had six inches of rain in less than five days – as we’ve just had – the mud is calf-deep in some places. I had six loads today. Plus the clothes and such from hubby’s last hunting trip and my clinic work clothes (which I darned sure don’t wash with the other stuff). I start with the muddy stuff and after everything else is washed, my white lab coat goes through.
Cleaning up the fridge – by the end of the week, the refrigerator tends to accumulate things. Among them are the chuck roast we had for dinner last Sunday. Even though we’ve been using it for lunches and leftovers, it will spoil before we finish it. So my usual tactic is to whack it into two-person servings and freeze them. Very useful when life gets out of hand and there’s no time to cook. That nice meaty bone from the roast and the fond in the bottom of the casserole dish, plus some other bone leftovers and vegetable trimmings from the freezer, will make good broth for vegetable, beef barley or minestrone soup.

With grass-fed beef and older animals, cooking meat right out of the freezer is the best way to go. Start at 450 degrees for the first hour, then turn the oven down to 250; check the temperature about three hours later. You want it between 130-135 degrees.

This is what the roast looks like five hours later – tender, succulent and delicious.

What do the rest of you do on a rainy day?

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  1. Denny says:

    Read, work on genealogy, catch up on my DVR shows and cook freezer meals if I thought to do grocery shopping in time.

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