Animal Kingdom


Life is a little crazy around here at the moment, made worse by a whomping thunderstorm that took out our power, DSL and internet. The latter two stayed out for three days. Could have been worse – places farther down in the foothills had funnel clouds that uprooted trees and smashed them to pieces (we’re talking oaks three or four feet across the trunk). So, just as a quick post, here are some of the pictures hubby’s gotten from the game cameras over the last few weeks. No wolves yet, even though we’ve seen tracks. The quality is a bit rough at night, but hey, it’s a game camera.

Hard to see – fox, right in the center of the picture

This year’s fawn crop – well, part of it, anyway.

This guy must have been taking a selfie.

Cougar – probably the same one that scared the bejeebers out of the grandkids when they went out to do evening chores one night. It was after the sheep.

Probably not the same bear as the one in the pictures below.

Big bear – that fence is four feet high.

Looking for extra chow in the calf pen.

Morning coyote.

Night time coyote.

That big one is likely to wind up in the freezer come hunting season.

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2 Responses to Animal Kingdom

  1. littleleftie says:

    Wow! The variety of wildlife may not resonate with you, who lives with them each and every day. But to this city folk, I think it’s fantastic! Sure, I’m not worrying about my calves or my sheep like you are…so I appreciate you may not be quite as happy to see the “visitors” as I am……but thanks so much for sharing.

    • Bee says:

      It does resonate – we share the planet with these animal neighbors and what we do affects them. And these pictures don’t capture lots of others: the muskrats, the rabbits, the raccoons, the bobcats, birds like the bald and golden eagles, the great blue herons, the redtailed hawks and ospreys, right down to the frogs and fish and turtles in the ponds. I’d really like to get some pictures of the wolves…

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