We’re Ba-c-c-K!


No, we didn’t do anything wrong, nor was it a shady conspiracy. Apparently one of the behind-the-scenes plug-ins developed a belly ache. When Ell was finally able to actually talk to a live body, said body told her a line of code was the problem. When the plug-in went haywire, they simply shut the site down. Said body also said they couldn’t do anything about it. Except then said body told her they might be able to do something if we coughed up some coin. Wrong thing to say to Ell. She insisted on contact info for someone higher up the food chain.

Ell got the holiday mess out of the way first, because she was reasonably sure the fix would mean hours of sitting on phone hold. Then she tapped a techie buddy in Ohio for expert advice. They set up a conference call, which took a bit more doing given the time zone difference. Next they sat through the two and a half hours of hold time while working on other projects. Once they finally got through to the right person, she filled him in on what she was told the first time.

“Marshall” expressed horror, dismay and indignation. He then had to sit through a few pointed questions. Why would you send an email about a bad line of code couched in Techese? Why would you not check back with the blog owner to see if the problem had been resolved? Why would you assume the average blog owner was tech-savvy enough to translate Techese? What kind of a shop are you running when the help desk gives completely inaccurate advice? There were a few more, but at the point, “Marshall” caved.

So, the blog is back up and I’ll be getting things up to speed as time allows. It’s nice to be here again.

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  1. littleleftie says:

    Welcome back! Missed hearing from you!!

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