We Believe


All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent — Thomas Jefferson

1.      Corporate and personal greed are poor reasons for political decisions.

2.      In too many instances the findings of “modern science” are synonymous with the current political agenda.

3.      Humans are generalists by nature and should strive to become competent in multiple spheres. Leave specialization to the insects.

4.      Small independent farms and businesses should be the backbone of our nation and the mainstay of local economies.

5.      We cannot afford to continue the global economy as it is currently constituted, i.e. dependent on fossil fuels; stripping the earth of its resources; polluting the air and water; and allowing humans (especially children) to be exploited in one country to provide luxuries for another country.

6.      In passion – about freedom of choice whether it be what you eat or how you die.

7.      Learning should be a lifelong love affair; expanding your knowledge keeps your brain and soul alive to possibilities.

8.      Open mindedness and exposure to ideas that challenge the norm are good things.  Remember when most of today’s technology and lifestyle would have been considered impossible?  Change is the only constant and in today’s world, adaptability is a necessary skill.

9.      Each of us should take responsibility – for every aspect of our lives.  You and you alone make the final choice regardless of external circumstances. “The buck stops here” starts in the mirror.

10.  In respect, integrity, and honesty.  They do not happen because you are born, they have to be learned and earned.  You want the respect of others? Give them a reason.


5 Responses to We Believe

  1. ahp says:

    what about Socialism?


  2. Wayne Jones says:

    I have only read the “We believe” tab but already I’m thrilled. Excited to see that there are still those in our midst that like me believe that we have have the responsibilty for ourselves. I suspected I would enjoy this blog right off as how can you go wrong with a Jefferson Quote.

  3. Mary Ellen says:

    I love your assessment in number eight. I believe that mental consciousness and one’s own self awareness is necessary for adaptation. Without these skills or failure to utilize them, adaptation is limited at best. Understanding them simplifies the process.

  4. Heidi says:

    I can’t find anything I would disagree with in your 10 objectives. In #10 I have seen fear being used as the base of respect, instead of it being a learned and modeled behavior. There is a difference. Looking forward to more articles from you, as I sit next to my only source of heat (currently) my wood burning stove. Take that PG &E.

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